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The Minimum Order Quantity Is 24 X Honey Jars


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Take a minute just for yourself. This is a moment where it’s just you and your emotions. Detach yourself from what’s around you. Switch off the mind, take few deep breaths and ask yourself:
“How I am feeling”?
Repeat the corresponding affirmation you find on the card, either out loud or in your mind and after another few deep breaths take a spoon of honey. Focus on its flavour and texture. You are in the present moment, choosing to just be. Listen to how you are feeling right now and even if it’s
something little, find something grateful for, and then continue with your day/evening.
Stir well the honey, using only the bamboo spoon that comes in the box. I suggest starting with one spoon in the morning and another in the evening or at midday.
The flower essences combined with the essential oils will start resonating with your energy and will start to work after about 7 consecutive days.
After 7 days check how you feel, before and after have taken your honey. See if you feel that you may need a bit more, or if it’s once a day is actually better. The essences work on your energy and work differently on everyone.
After 21 days, you would feel more connected to your inner-self, grateful to have decided to have taken few minutes just for you and with your new awareness you will decide if your journey with this honey is ready to end and how to move forward.

  • Do not heat or dissolve in hot drinks.
  • Do not refrigerate.
  • The jar is supposed to last 21 days, taking one or two spoons a day. If you keep it for longer, crystallisation may occur and this is a great sign! Only pure honey crystallises because no other glucose has been added. Enjoy it anyway, it doesn’t impact the effectiveness of the remedy.
  • Pure raw honey is 100% natural, therefore it can change different shades of yellow, consistency and texture. This is the beauty of its purity.
  • Always stir before consuming it.
  • It’s not medicine.
  • If pregnant or breastfeeding please consult your doctor.
  • Not recommended for infants; for children use, please consult your doctor.
  • Results may vary.